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Please find a list of just some of our services:

• Stem injection:
This is where we inject directly into the trees Sapwood/Vascular system using the latest injection systems.
We use this technique when there is limited access to the trees root system. The tree might be situated in a paved area or
surrounded by concrete or the bulk of the roots in next doors yard. Insecticides, fungicides and fertilizers can be applied in this

• Soil injection: Where access to the trees root system is available, then this is the process that will be favored. Insecticides,
fungicides and fertilizers can be applied via soil injection with very good results. Also good for deep root watering where ground
is hard, or in an area where natural rain fall limited. Ideal for treating
Elm Leaf Beetle.

• Canopy spraying: All aspects of spraying using hose and gun technique. Perfect for all horticultural applications.

• Tree assessment: Whether it’s a hazard tree assessment that you require information for its removal, or a tree in decline in
which you want to try and save. One or multiple within a location, we will provide you with a professional arborists report.

• Horticultural reports: On existing vegetation including their overall health, appearance, and their importance within the
landscape. To remedial action if required, thru to replacing with more appropriate plantings that may suit the environment better.

• Plant broker: Let us source any plants you may require, to complete or add to an existing landscape. We not only source
the plants, but we make sure they are of sound quality. We will provide a competitive price which will include delivery

• Problem solving:
We can access any problems your vegetation might have incurred, and suggest a curative solution and
apply it, if necessary. If the problem is incurable, then you will be informed at the earliest convenience.

• Landscape design: A garden upgrade, or a blank canvass, informative drawings or ideas can be provided. We will work in
with you, and use your ideas, and ours and create a pleasing environment.

• Possum banding: A VTA (Visual tree inspection) will determine whether your tree is under attack by grazing possums.
Possum banding is a process where a clear polycarbonate cover is wrapped around the tree, restricting any animals climbing up
the trunk and disturbing the canopy.

• Possum and animal deterrents: If your property is favored by the local animals in the area, then animal deterrents are
available. We use the lastest products at our disposal, which are non harmful to humans, and animals, when applied properly.